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Today's News  - Health Reform Laws

Have you been wondering how the new Health Reform Laws affect you? Small Business Association of Michigan has put together a great FAQ on it.  There's more to learn on the Benefits FAQ as well.

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If you are an employer and grimace each time the group health insurance invoice arrives, contact us to see why our group customers are seeing double-digit rate decreases.

Even if an individual does not have access to group coverage, health and retirement benefits are still a big concern.  We work with many people to custom tailor coverage and plans to meet their care and financial needs. Check out our Health Insurance Exchange to review top-rated quotes today!

Please see the many service offerings that we have for our clients, both group and individual.

Benefits Connection

What is it? Just another piece of the puzzle we offer to our clients. It offers password-protected, online access to all your benefits-at-a-glance information, billing and forms. Benefits Connection provides quick access to your benefits, account information, as well as the ability to turn over to us your ongoing enrollment situations, COBRA compliance, etc.

Drop us a line and let us know if there is any way that we can be of service or assistance to you in your search for the best fit in benefits.


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