Group Services

An employer can spend a great deal of time evaluating whether the company is best suited for an FSA, HSA or HRA, and if the organization is legally compliant with SPDs, Section 125s, 5500s…it can start to be overwhelming, and it takes you away from your company’s work. Yet, these are extremely important decisions that affect the entire business. At Benefits Resource, we focus our suitability and compliance expertise on supporting our clients' businesses so that they can focus their efforts on running their companies.  We can help with company Pension Plans that offer 4% bonuses on employee contributions.  This effectively takes the "monkey" off the back of the employer to contribute. We also offer Group Life and Disability Plans that offer potential 10% to 15% discounts on your current carrier's plan.

Our client-base currently includes:

  • Construction and Contractor Trades
  • Medical and Physician Centers
  • Manufacturing and Automation
  • Food Service –both wholesale & retail
  • Automotive Specialties
  • Engineering Firms
  • Chamber and Association Groups
  • Exclusive Membership Groups


For a full listing of our services for group clients, please see our group services page.

Individual Services

What about individual health insurance? It can be confusing to wade through what’s out there, and tough to know and understand the policy language. You can contact us and we will prepare a quote for you. Or, in one click you can run a quote for yourself and compare costs using the resources on our individual services page.

We proudly serve the Great Lakes Bay Region and beyond.

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